Date: 15 Jan 2015
Cat: GIS

Geographic Infomation System 

Nowadays most of the Geomatic projects have been involved by some kind of GIS services. So, Rassadiran Surveying company must be able to provide them.


If we want to categorize GIS services in our company it can be noted as follow:

Design and Implementation

  • -WebBase City services GIS – Tehran Municipality
  • -WebBase Cadastral Services GIS – KFZO Kish Free Zone Org.
  • -BaseMap GIS – KFZO -Kish Free Zone Org.
  • -WebBase Wellhead Description – N.I.O.C.EXP -National Iranain Oil Company Exploration Directorate

Data Preparation – GIS Ready

  • – Nowadays Most of the our project have GIS Ready output by defualt.



 Data Presentation -Thematic Cartographic maps 

  • -A to Z street map for Tehran (English and Persian Version)
  • -A to Z street map for Kish Island (English and Persian Version)
  • -Iran Road Map (English and Persian Version)
  • -Flowers Thematic Map for Kish Island
  • -City Map for Tehran, Yazd
  • -Route maps – Tehran Buses
  • -And many others….