Land Surveying

Land Surveying Services have been offered since the company’s foundation in 1956. With the experienced land and office staff and possession of modern  equipment. Now the company is capable of executing wide range of surveying work including:

TopoGraphic Map

In modern mapping, a topographic map is a type of map characterized by large-scale detail and quantitative representation of relief, using contour lines but, historically, using a variety of methods. Traditional definitions require a topographic map to show both natural and man-made features. A topographic map is typically published as a map series, made up of two or more map sheets that combine to form the whole map. A contour line is a combination of two line segments that connect but do not intersect; these represent elevation on a topographic map. For deliver this kind of service, we equipped with professional staff, qualified wide range insturment such as Total Station, Dual frequency GPS ( RTK Method ), 3D Laser scanner ,…. and we are ready to perform in every place and condition.

Pipe Line and Oil & Gas Industry

In Oil & Gas Industry we have had a great experience and we are familiar to scope of works in this industrial branch. So, if you need any kind of services such as route and profile maps, site maps, definition the coordinate system,… we believe that we are one of the best choice.

Engineering Assistances

In some cases, clients need some services for Industrial controls surveying or Lay out of complicated plan, specially in Oil and Gas Industry . So, we can provide this kinds of services based on wide range of methods and instrument such as :

-3D laser scanning
-Terrestrial photogrammetry
-Different kind of Total Stations and G PS’s

Geodetic Survey

Some different services can be provide as a Geodetic survey service such as GPS Positioning,Precise Triangulation,Precise Traverses,Precise Leveling. We believe that based on our staff’s experiences, qualified instrument can provide acceptable service.

Cadastral Survey

A cadastre using a cadastral survey or cadastral map, is a comprehensive register of the real estate or real property’s metes-and-bounds of a country.A cadastre commonly includes details of the ownership, the tenure, the precise location (some include GPS coordinates), the dimensions (and area), the cultivations if rural, and the value of individual parcels of land. we can provide some services to data gathering , specially about Geometric data in this case.